Jaemin Kim

Academic Achievements15th in NSW for English Advanced (2019 HSC)
99/100 in the HSC English Advanced final exam (highest mark in the exam)
QualificationsBachelor of Commerce, UNSW (current)
SchoolCranbrook School, Class of 2019

“While the new English Advanced HSC course may seem daunting and challenging, I have first-hand experience in studying effectively and excelling in this new course and I am excited to share my learnings with future students. I tailor my lessons towards my students’ specific needs in order to assist them in developing a sophisticated approach to responding to any challenging exam question. A constant focus on improving concision, eloquence and flow will certainly help you navigate the often abstract uncertainty that many find coupled with English Advanced.”

Jaemin’s English Advanced students will benefit immensely from his expertise, including access to his near-perfect 99/100 HSC paper.