Steven Wu

Academic Achievements3rd in NSW for English EAL/D (2019 HSC)
99.70 ATAR
HSC All Round Achiever
QualificationsBachelor of Economics (Econometrics/Physics), University of Sydney (current)
SchoolReddam House, Class of 2019
Other AchievementsSchool Executive (Study Group Portfolio, responsible for assisting junior students in achieving their academic goals)

“My transition from arriving in Australia in Year 7 (and receiving 45% for my first English test) to achieving 3rd in the State for English EAL/D cannot be attributed to magic. Throughout high school I learned more about essay writing and analysis and I started to pick up on some of the tricks to dramatically improve my English abilities. Hence, I am keen to share these experiences with other students to help them transform their written and spoken English and achieve their academic goals. As an approachable person with excellent communication skills, I’m able to break down the complex and abstract ideas found in the new English syllabus so that students can get ahead of the pack.”

Steven will be tutoring English EAL/D and is looking forward to sharing his transformational experience of learning English with other students.