David Lu

Academic Achievements1st in NSW for Physics (2019 HSC)
4th in NSW for Chinese and Literature (2019 HSC)
10th in NSW for Maths Extension 1 (2019 HSC)
16th in NSW for Chemistry (2019 HSC)
99.95 ATAR
Dux of School
QualificationsBachelor of Science/Bachelor of Laws (current), University of Sydney
SchoolBarker College, Class of 2019
Other AchievementsConcertmaster of Barker College Symphony and Chamber Orchestras

As someone who has achieved strong results in the new HSC science courses, my teaching style emphasises logical deduction over rhetorical analogy, allowing students to construct their own logical framework for tackling questions. As a versatile and hardworking person myself, I encourage all my students to remain on track – something that is crucial to remember in the midst of concurrent exams, assessments and other commitments.

When tutoring Physics and Chemistry, David’s priority is to impart a skills-based approach onto his students.