Andy Chu

Teaching ExperienceOver 8 years of tutoring experience, having tutored over 500 students across 26 schools
QualificationsBachelor of Laws (LLB)/Bachelor of Science (Computer Science), University of Sydney
Academic Achievements2nd in NSW for Physics (2012 HSC)
22nd in NSW for Chemistry (2012 HSC)
99.85 ATAR
Past Student ResultsOver 85% of my students have achieved a Band 6 or above in HSC Physics and Chemistry. I have helped 5 students achieve 99.95 ATAR and 7 students in getting admitted into Ivy League Universities.

“Maxwell Education has the important mission to foster high quality education for all students in need. From personal experience as a student as well as tutoring other students, I believe that all students are capable of achieving significant academic improvements if they are taught the right approach. Let us help you maximise your marks, starting today.”

Andy is the Academic Director at Maxwell Education, deriving his passion for teaching from many years of assisting HSC students in achieving their goals – get in touch here!