Valerie Chun

Teaching Experience2 years of tutoring experience
Studying NowSpeech Pathology, University of Sydney
Academic AchievementsEnglish as a First Language IGCSE A
Biology IGCSE A*
Chemistry IGCSE A*
Chinese IGCSE A*
Other AchievementsHouse President, St Paul’s Convent School, Hong Kong

“I am a very easy going person and have a lots of patience when teaching students. I believe practice makes perfect and every student is different. My fluency in English, Mandarin and Cantonese helps me to be able to explain concepts to students from various perspectives in a way that works best for them to learn. Initially, I provide students lots of prompting so that they can build their confidence and not be afraid of mistakes, but I will fade out these prompts over time so my students can finish their tasks both independently and to a high standard.”

Valerie specialises in high school Chem and Bio and primary school English and Maths