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All our teachers have strong credentials and they’re absolutely itching to share their tried-and-tested strategies with you.

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Secure immediate boosts in your results by getting one of our State Rankers or Selective School Teachers to help explain complex mathematical concepts with ease.

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Unlike other teachers who may focus on cramming theory, we focus on providing you with the tools, skills and shortcuts to convert knowledge into exam marks.

Skills delivered by our experts


    Students develop clear and deep understanding of mathematical concepts, their connections and applications – you will progressively develop problem solving frameworks to answer ‘discriminator’ questions. This is why over 85% of Maths students at Maxwell consistently rank in the top 10% of their school.


    Students develop fluency in mathematical problem solving by applying their knowledge to over 1000 practice questions across different levels of difficulty – you will be able to see patterns and develop strategies upon seeing problems in unfamiliar contexts. This gives you the ability to tackle the most difficult questions on the exam.


    Students foster strong study and self-discipline habits that are required for achieving supreme results in higher-level HSC Maths courses. We place a particular emphasis on documenting and learning from your own mistakes – you will easily be able to score higher by not repeating your common mistakes on the exam.


Our tutors have significant experience, both through their own achievements, as well as years of tutoring experience helping other students to ahcieve:

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