The Maxwell Method

Best EAL/D Teachers in Sydney

All our teachers are new syllabus State Rankers and they’re absolutely itching to share their tried-and-tested strategies with you.

One-on-one Support

Secure immediate boosts in your results by getting one of our State Ranker Teachers to help you prepare and polish your school assessment.

Convert Knowledge into Marks

Unlike other teachers who may focus on cramming content, we focus on providing you with the tools, skills and shortcuts to convert knowledge into exam marks.

Course Offerings

  • Intensive holiday course to pre-learn your prescribed texts

    • Get across the foundations of your school’s texts for the upcoming term, covering key scenes, contextual information, and discussion of the complex and often abstract ideas that arise in these texts.
    • Expand your writing skills and finish the course with your own refined Band-6 Grade model essay.
    • Receive our in-house booklet of notes and key information about their respective text, its context, key themes, critical points of analysis and how to link it to the syllabus.
  • One-on-one lessons during the term

    • We will help you tweak the Band-6 Grade model essay that you’ve written in the holiday course into good shape for your school assessment – 91% of our students consistently receive Band 6 results for their EAL/D assessments at school.
    • We will give personalised feedbacks to help you improve your writing with two free marking submissions each week included in your term package.
    • If you are studying a text not covered in a holiday course then we can still help you boost your marks through one-on-one tutoring.
  • Assessment Workshop During the Term

    • We will focus on improving your previous work and answering any questions you need to get ready for your assessment.
    • We will workshop assessment skills with you to make your writing stand out and reach its full potential – 91% of our students consistently receive Band 6 results for their EAL/D assessments at school.

Prescribed Texts

Our intensive holiday courses centre around specific prescribed texts – for students not studying any of the texts listed below, you can still contact us for one-on-one help with your text.

  • Holiday Course for Module A:
    Texts and Human Experiences
  • Favel Parrett, Past the Shallows
    Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara, The Motorcycle Diaries
  • Holiday Course for Module B:
    Language, Identity and Culture
  • Contemporary Asian Australian Poets
  • Holiday Course for Module C:
    Close Study of Text
  • Peter Weir, The Truman Show
    Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451
  • Holiday Course for Module D:
    Focus on Writing
  • Catered to all students

Maxwell’s EAL/D Experts

Our EAL/D teachers are new syllabus State Rankers who aced every assessment – they can help you achieve that too.

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