Coby Simmons

Academic Achievements9th in NSW for Economics (2019 HSC)
99.80 ATAR
College Dux
SchoolMoriah College, Class of 2019
Other AchievementsHouse Captain, Student Leadership Council

“Having experienced the style of lateral thinking required by the new HSC myself, I find that there’s a major gap between two extremes: one can seek private tutoring and assume the significant risk that the tutor won’t be suitable, alternatively, they will be welcomed with open arms by coaching colleges, eager to enrol at the expense of depersonalisation. Maxwell provides students a tailored experience, based on what we prescribe as required to realise both short-term boosts and long-term lifts in HSC results.”

Coby is developing our Economics course and working on finding bright students with an interest in our mission to join us – get in touch if that sounds like you!