Cheryl Lyu

Academic Achievements9th in NSW for English EAL/D (2019 HSC)
HSC All Round Achiever
QualificationsBachelor of Commerce (current), University of Sydney
SchoolPresbyterian Ladies’ College, Class of 2019
Other AchievementsStudent Representative Council
Silver Medal in Australian Computational Linguistics Olympiad
Level 2 Australian Strength and Conditioning Coach Accreditation

“As an international student myself, I understand the key difficulties that students encounter when studying EAL/D, but I also know what specific areas can be targeted to overcome these difficulties and achieve supreme results. I’m passionate about helping others build their English skills and I wish to share my unique tricks and experiences with anyone who is interested in maximising their marks throughout their HSC journey.”

Cheryl tutors EAL/D by using her experience in achieving top results in the new HSC as an international student to help others achieve the same.