Tired of stagnant marks? Let us help you realise immediate result boosts

Here at Maxwell, we understand that your foundational knowledge of a subject doesn’t necessarily translate into better marks straight away. That’s why we don’t just focus on helping you get your foundations right in our classes, we work with you towards increasing your school assessment results immediately through one-on-one sessions with state rankers well-versed in ‘new syllabus’ style assessments and teachers with a role in writing and marking assessments.

The perfect balance of theory and skills to conquer your final exams

Short-term improvements are just the first step – our expert teachers will shape your understanding of your subjects, infusing their content delivery with skills and ideas to help you reach the level of depth and rigour required to achieve results you’ve never dreamed of. We work towards sustained improvements based on evidence, not sentiment – that’s what makes us different from the other tutoring companies.

Want to know more?

  • All our tutors have state ranked with the new syllabus – except for Maths which hasn’t been examined yet (we’ve got that covered by experienced selective school teachers)
  • Get access to our library of notes, practice papers and other resources.
  • Students can drop in to our classrooms anytime they like (1 minute walk from Chatswood Train Station) to have expert support throughout their academic journey.


  • English Advanced
  • English EAL/D
  • Mathematics Extension 1
  • Physics
  • Chemistry