The Maxwell Method

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All our teachers are Selective School Teachers and they’re absolutely itching to share their tried-and-tested strategies with you.

Small Group Class

Our small group classes focus on theory and practice questions that teach you the skills, shortcuts and tools to convert knowledge into marks.

One-on-one Workshops

We provide personalised one-on-one workshops before exams and assessments to help you address your weak spots and get those extra marks.

Courses Offered

Our small group classes are supplemented with one-on-one workshops to target your personal weak spots and boost your results.
Learn the relevant theory and skills in our small group classes and let us help you polish your depth studies in our one-on-one workshops.

Skills delivered by our experts


    Students develop clear and deep understanding of scientific concepts, their connections and applications – you will progressively develop the repertoire to master each dot point on the syllabus and construct logical frameworks to corroborate your understanding.


    Students develop fluency in scientific problem solving by applying their knowledge to over 1000 practice questions across different levels of difficulty – you will be able to see patterns and develop strategies upon seeing problems in unfamiliar contexts. This ensures that you will be able to answer the most difficult questions on the HSC.


    Students foster the skills to not only apply the complex concepts that they learn, but also to communicate these to markers in a clear, concise and accurate fashion. Our teachers will help you prepare and polish your depth studies and other school assessments – 95% of our students achieve Band 6 results for their depth studies.


Our teachers are new syllabus State Rankers who aced every assessment, depth study and exam – they can help you achieve that too.

We offer competitive prices for our course packages (both online and face-to-face):

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